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02 November 2008 @ 03:00 pm
<lj-cut text="My Application">

<b>Age:</b>12 almost 13 :P

<big><b>___ALL ABOUT YOU</big></b>

<b>Pick four words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, a four-word sentence, anything!) that describe you:</b>
Crazy, Funny, always there,
<i>Are you...</i>
<b>A leader or a follower:</b>Leader.
<b>Pessimistic or optimistic:</b>optimistic.
<b>Adventurous or cowardly:</b>Adventurous.
<b>Logical or creative:</b>creative
<b>Selfish or selfless:</b>selfless
<b>Alert or oblivious:</b>A bit of both.
<b>Athletic or lethargic:</b>Athletic
<b>Extroverted or introverted:</b>Extroverted

<b>What famous figure do you most identify with and why?</b> I'm not sure.

<b>If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?</b> Japan. Hands down. I love everything about Japan, its so beautiful and peaceful ^^

<b>What do you do like to do for fun?</b> I like to Draw, write poems or storys, go out and explore things and anything dangerous!

<b>What genres of music, movies, television, etc. do you enjoy the most?</b>
hmm I like amy type of music, lol and for television Fraggle rock!


<b>Music is the heart and soul of Fraggle Rock. What Fraggle Rock song do you most identify with and why (You can check out any FR lyrics database if you're unsure of the song lyrics)?</b>
Time to live as one.

Every place I go,No one seems to know.Everything is always the same.Still I need to trust,In the best of us.Can't we change the rules of the game?It's time for everyone.Time to live as one."
<b>If you could ask Madame Trash Heap only one thing, what would it be?</b> hmm.. hard question.. " what will be the best cure for boredom?"

<b>What job would you pick for your Thirty-Minute Work Week? (This doesn't have to be limited to established jobs in Fraggle Rock.)</b>
:D I think I'll be hair stylist.. haha that would be so awesome. xD

<b>Finally, what kind of an award would you give yourself on Trophy Day?</b>
Most optimistic.

<b>OPTIONAL: Post a picture of you being yourself. (This doesn't even have to be a photo! Be creative: express yourself in a photo, painting, drawing, whatever!)</b>
Me at an anime convention i went to in the summer.

My ApplicationCollapse )
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30 March 2007 @ 02:29 pm

I know we've all been pretty busy (hey, I know first hand) but just try to vote if you can -- the app's been open for a month! I'll bypass that and leave it up for a few more days and then stamp it. *sweat* Sorry, so sorry!

Also, who wants to help mod the community? Anyone want to help me with stamping and maintaining and the like?
10 February 2007 @ 09:53 am
We have new members, woo! Start voting on their applications.

And it's been a month already, and ostentatious still hasn't gotten a tiebreaker! Vote here if you haven't already. :) Thank you!

Hope you guys have happy days ahead!
15 January 2007 @ 08:13 pm
Sorry, guys. I've been on winter break and haven't been really on the internet. But now I'm back at school and back here to yell at you guys. This is because I love you, though. No hard feelings. :)


commander30 only has two votes. TWO VOTES. Vote on her application or I will sic Sprocket on you. And on everyone else's applications, please please PLEASE if you haven't voted, do so. I need to stamp these applications, and everyone needs at least 5 unanimous votes to get stamped. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell the old lady down the street with the cats!

Thanks, guys, and have a merry whatever. :D
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23 December 2006 @ 02:26 pm
Yay, thanks for joining, everyone! :) But we should have 6 votes for each person. Get voting, guys!

Also, if you want to affiliate any ratings sites with us (if you have one or if you want to refer another ratings site to us) then comment on this post!

Hope you're all doing well, and hopefully the comm'll pick up after Christmas. :3